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Firefighters Union Endorses Whipple

The Wichita Professional Firefighters of Local 135, representing the firefighters of the City of Wichita, have voted to endorse Brandon Whipple to be the next Mayor for Wichita.

"I am incredibly honored and humbled to have the support of these brave men and women. As Mayor, my top priority is ensuring that Wichita families are safe," said Rep. Brandon Whipple, who is challenging the incumbent mayor, Jeff Longwell.

The Firefighters' statement of support reads:

It is with great hope and honor the Wichita Professional Firefighters of Local 135 join our FOP brothers and sisters and throw our enthusiastic support behind Brandon Whipple.
Brandon Whipple, a Wichita resident and graduate of Wichita State University has promised to be an agent of change and place city Government back into the hands of the citizens of Wichita. Brandon Whipple has assured the professional members of the Wichita Fire Department that finally public safety and the safety of the members of the Wichita Fire Department will once again be a priority in City Government. Mr. Whipple will provide the necessary and vital funding to stop placing critical fire units out of service for the purpose of denying Wichita Fire Department members justified overtime and corresponding pay with regional industry standards.
The endorsement of Brandon Whipple by Local 135 should serve as a testament of our disappointment in current leadership, and displays our hope for the future. A future that places public safety and those who work every single day to assure that safety is on the forefront of city Government. Where it should be.
Please join us in support of Brandon Whipple for Wichita Mayor. Come November 5th, 2019 join us in placing City Government back into the hands of the citizens.
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