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Laborers endorse Whipple for Mayor

The Laborers' Union Local No. 1290 has endorsed Brandon Whipple to be the next Mayor for Wichita.

"We have worked with Brandon as a legislator, and we know his character and integrity. He's always been a tremendous advocate for working families in the Kansas Legislature, and we know that Brandon will be a tremendous advocate for working families as the next Mayor of Wichita," said Mike Kane, Laborers' 1290 Director of Political Affairs.

As a the ranking Democrat on the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee, Rep. Whipple has worked to ensure that everybody is treated fairly and that workers are treated merely as disposable assets for their employers. "Working people deserve a fair wage, retirement security and workplace protections that ensure that if they are hurt on the job, they're receiving care and compensation for that lost time," said Whipple. "My father was a Union carpenter, and I know first-hand the damage this work does to a person's body. I have the utmost respect for the workers and their families."

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