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Vote Tuesday

When I announced my candidacy for Mayor, my first statement was: Together, we can make Wichita a city that works for everyone. I meant it then, and I mean it more than ever now.

It will take all of us - together - to overcome the entrenched special interests that feel so comfortable at Wichita's City Hall. I urge you to cast your ballot today.

Make a plan to vote. Look up your polling place, review your ballot, and schedule the time to cast your ballot. Your wait should not be more than a few minutes at your polling place.

Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. at all polling locations in Wichita.

City busses are free on Election Day thanks to Wichita Transit.

If you requested an Advance Ballot and haven't returned it yet, you may mail your ballot so long as it is postmarked by Tues. Nov. 5. You may also return your Advance Ballot to your polling place or at the Election Office on the first floor of the Historic Courthouse.

If you need help getting to the polls, call 262-7534 to request a ride.

If you experience difficulties casting a ballot or you are denied the opportunity to cast a ballot, please call 290-9447. Every person may cast a ballot, though you may be asked to vote provisionally. If you are asked to vote provisionally, let us know here so that our Election Protection Team can ensure that your vote is counted at the final canvass.

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