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Whipple proposes non-discrimination protections for LGBT individuals and veterans

Today, Brandon Whipple proposed expanded the City of Wichita's non-discrimination policy to include protections for LGBTQ citizens, active duty Service Members, and Veterans. "Wichita needs to be open for business to everyone in our community," said Whipple.

“It’s past time we as the largest city in this state show some leadership on behalf of all its citizens,” continued Whipple.

As noted by the Wichita Eagle, "[a] January study by the UCLA School of Law estimated there are about 72,600 LGBT adults in Kansas, 56,000 of whom are workers. Only 12 percent are protected by local anti-discrimination ordinances."

There are no existing protections from discrimination under city, state or federal law for citizens of the LGBTQ community. "You can be fired from your job and kicked out of your house," said Whipple. "It's unacceptable."

"For Wichita's economy to grow, we must be open for everybody. We cannot permit discrimination in any form to prevent our citizens from living to their fullest potential without fear of reprisal."

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